Chicago Library Yoga: What’s This About?!

Disclaimer: This class was set up and is taught by the author of this blog. I may not be totally unbiased!

What is the class like? It’s a gentle vinyasa class where we coordinate movement and breath, and it’s intended to be welcoming to all, accommodating for beginners, and accessible to those with some physical limitations. I completed my teacher training at Core Power Yoga, but this is not a power yoga class.
Participants should be comfortable sitting on the ground and rising up to a seat – if you have questions about your ability to do yoga, check with your doctor. Chairs are available if you want to take a break, or to sit and join in with the arm movements from a seated position.
We begin at 9am and finish by 10am. Please arrive at 9am to properly warm up with the group. New students fill out a few forms and a post-class survey. The class is free! Mats are available for use but if you have your own, please bring it.
Why the library?
Community: people coming together to practice yoga without an exchange of money.
Accessibility: offering yoga to people who are interested but unable to pay what yoga studios charge, or for whom, for distance or other reasons, attending class at a yoga studio is not feasible.
Open to all:
There are individuals and organizations that offer yoga on the premises of specific non-profit organizations, for the clients of that organization. This is a great service as well. Library classes are potentially available to anyone from the public – clients of those same non-profits, and also members of the general public. Plenty of people in Chicago earn enough money to be above the cut off for public or private assistance, but still cannot afford $18-23 for a single yoga class.
Free to set up:
Libraries are public spaces where motivated yoga teachers can potentially organize classes without paying for use of the space. Other community organizations may charge a fee for use of the space, or may require attendees to be members or pay a fee. Libraries do of course have procedures to follow (insurance related, etc.) and rules about use of the space (no money exchanged, etc) – but these are a small price to pay for a serene and welcoming yoga space!

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