Research on Yoga & Meditation (3/24)

These links come from various sources – at the moment, many come from following yoga-related organizations on Facebook. I am to make a research post like this once a week, with links I found over the past week – and which I hope to be current or recent research. Time does not allow me to read each article in depth, so discussion, debate, and comments are welcome!

Yoga and specific health conditions

Yoga generates huge benefits for kids with Autism and here

Iyengar yoga for lower back pain

Benefits of meditation seen at cellular level in breast cancer survivors

Meditation, Mindfulness

Long-term meditation tied to less brain loss

How two minutes of mindfulness can calm a class and boost attainment and Kids with a “kindness curriculum” get better grades

Simple meditation affects the genes

Yoga and trauma

Trauma-sensitive yoga as an adjunct mental health treatment in group therapy for survivors of domestic violence: A feasibility study

Restoring the Body: Yoga, EMDR, and Treating Trauma – Bessel van der Kolk


Stats on yoga as a growing trend and on kids doing yoga

Measuring Compassion in the body

Neuroscientists discover why exercise reduces stress


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