About Me

Kate photoI’m Kate, and I love yoga. I started practicing in 2009, and completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014. Vinyasa flow and power vinyasa were the styles that initially spoke to me the most (why?!). Teaching yoga is now my main work – I teach public classes at studios, a gym and a park district. I’ve been teaching a weekly free community class I set up independently in a library since early 2015, and another library class approximately every other week. Both are in neighborhoods that lack the variety of yoga options on offer in more central locations. I started teaching in Cook County Jail near the end of 2016.

Through a past job with a yoga non-profit in DC, prior to becoming a yoga teacher, I worked to set up yoga outreach classes with non-profits, and also attended training such as Street Yoga, Prison Yoga, and Yoga for Homeless & In-Recovery Communities. In Chicago I’ve participated in two Breathe Network trainings focused on survivors of sexual violence.

Outside yoga: I studied sociology and have a master’s in international communication. I spent about 5 years each living in Eastern Europe and then Washington, DC, and am now back in the area I grew up in – Chicago. I’ve done a lot of different jobs! I don’t run as much as I used to, but running has been a great thing in my life, particularly volunteering with Back on My Feet – a non-profit that partners with homeless shelters in a number of cities to host a running program.

My favorite pose is chapasana, half moon with a bind! I am still working on headstand away from the wall. I love dogs. And cooking.


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