Non-Profit Yoga Studios

These yoga studios offer public classes (often at lower than usual rates) and function as non-profit organizations; they also promote yoga for underserved communities outside of these public classes, for instance, offering classes at homeless shelters or providing trauma-sensitive training to yoga teachers.

One Yoga (Minneapolis, MN)

Project Yoga Richmond (Richmond, VA)

Yoga District (Washington, DC)

Yoga Seed Collective (Sacramento, CA)

Samdhana Karana Yoga Tacoma (Tacoma, WA)


2 thoughts on “Non-Profit Yoga Studios

  1. I have a non profit yoga studio in Port Richmond Philadelphia Pa. Feel free to visit out page and add us to your list. We offer very affordable classes and teacher trainings. I am very interested in domestic violence, trauma and addiction yoga. this area is new for our studio but much needed. We are Breathing Room Yoga and Wellness Studio. Philadelphia pa 19134
    Thanks for your awesome work.


    1. Thanks for this! I’d love to do a post on hosting a trauma informed yoga training – I will let you know. Your email appears in the dashboard (not publicly) – I hope it’s alright if I reach out by email?


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