Training: Liberation Prison Yoga

Name of Organization: Liberation Prison Yoga
Name of Training: Liberation Prison Yoga Trauma Training
Location: New York, NY  (online training in the works, stay tuned!)
Number of Hours: 8
Cost: $180

Contact Email:
Other Info: During this day with the Liberation Prison Yoga Team, you will get a taste of the unconditionality of trauma-informed yoga in the prisons, and the impact it creates for students and teachers alike.
Different traumatized populations are found inside prisons and jails, and incarceration is itself a traumatic experience.
How do we offer a safe space within an inherently unsafe environment?
How do we reach people who’ve been shut down by trauma and mental illness?
How do we convince incarcerated men to try yoga?
How do we set boundaries?
During this workshop, we will explore power dynamics, within ourselves and as reflected in the outside world, and in the justice system.
You will learn tools to work with traumatized populations, practice and maybe even teach in the trauma-informed style.
We will do meditations and mindfulness exercises in the specific Liberation Prison Yoga method, focused on unconditional, non-judgmental acceptance rather than on accountability and changing behavior.
If you are interested in joining our team, you’ll be ready for your on-site training after this Orientation. No professional teaching certification is required to take the workshop, though you need a minimum of YA 200 hours to volunteer inside the prisons.


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