Directory – Trauma Informed Yoga Trainings / Yoga Service Trainings

This directory represents a culmination of much time, effort and data entry! My experience is that yoga teachers are very interested in yoga service and trauma informed yoga, and do sometimes have a (limited) budget to pay for trauma informed yoga training – but very often don’t know where to start. Start here!
  • What’s included in the directory?

The database currently includes a large number of yoga service trainings in the United States (as well as a few abroad); it’s open to all at no cost through 7/30/2017. From 8/1/2017 on, you can gain access to the directory by joining Share Your Practice as an individual or organizational member.

Each listing includes the name of the yoga service organization offering the training, the main website link, the name/date/location of the training, the main community served, and in most cases, the cost and number of hours of the training. I do not charge or take payment to include trainings in the directory. I aim to include trainings organized by established yoga service non-profits and most often Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units will be awarded for participation.
  • What can I search for?
The directory is currently an Excel spreadsheet shared via Google Drive / Google Sheets. After many hours trying to set up a Caspio searchable database, my account was deleted due to misinformation about the free account option. Just like any Excel spreadsheet, you can click on a category (community served) and sort A-Z to see trainings on similar themes (trauma; youth) grouped in order. Email and I’ll share the “view only” version of the spreadsheet via Google Drive. It’s possible you may need a gmail account to do this.
I do my best to remove past trainings; viewing past trainings can still be informative in estimating when or where additional trainings may occur. Of course it is best to reach out directly to the individual organization with any questions!
  • Where does this information come from? Is it reliable?
I gather and update information on yoga service trainings via websites and newsletters to the best of my ability… on top of a full-time yoga teaching schedule and a number of yoga service classes.  I am currently in the process of reaching out to all yoga service organizations included, but am not necessarily in direct contact with each provider.  Any mistakes are my own.  If you are a staff member of a yoga service organization and would like to confirm the info I have on the training gathered from your website, or have a training I have not yet included, please email me at
Inclusion in the database is obviously not an exact science, nor do I charge organizations to be included. If for any reason your organization prefers not to be included, let me know and I’m happy to remove the information. In general, I follow organizations with a focus on yoga service and/or trauma informed yoga. Both yoga service and trauma informed yoga are broad categories which different practitioners approach differently – I certainly haven’t attended all of these trainings, and can’t claim that they all reflect my own views on these topics, or, obviously, yours. Interested participants should investigate details of any training independently.  If you have experience with one of these trainings and would like to share feedback, please email me at

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