About Share Your Practice

Share Your Practice aims to serve as a resource on yoga service.

Typically (but not always) this means yoga outside a studio / gym / private lesson setting. Typically (not always) participants are underserved in some way – maybe trauma survivors who are also low-income, maybe residents of homeless shelters, maybe people who live in neighborhoods that have few public yoga classes available.

With the goal of connecting yoga teachers to resources to do this work themselves, I share articles on the benefits of yoga in such settings, information on non-profits engaged in this work, and interviews with teachers offering yoga in this way. I also hope to share my own thoughts and experiences and spark discussion on this under-covered topic.

I am certainly not an authority on this topic nor on teaching yoga! But my long-term interest in this work and professional work experience with a yoga service non-profit motivate me to start this project and connect others who are similarly inspired. Read more about my yoga service work here.

About me.


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