Corporate Events: Bring Yoga to Work!

I’ll work with you to cater regular classes or a single event to your needs.  For instance:

pexels-photoYoga for Stress Relief

This 30-minute event can serve as a break and recharge in an all-day meeting, and can be held in any setting with chairs; no mats or yoga attire required! Participants learn tools they can use on their own after the session, day to day in an office setting to relieve stress.
Accessible to all experience levels, the event covers:
  • basic stretches to alleviate physical tension in hips and shoulders
  • simple breathing practices to calm the mind – breath/movement coordination, 3-part breath, even breathing
  • engage in short seated meditation
  • overview of how emotional stress can impact the body, and vice versa: how the way we carry our body can impact our mindset
  • resources to make yoga and meditation a more regular part of life: apps, websites, music, affordable yoga studio options
  • participant-led Q&A for specific requests or questions

Contact me to create your own corporate yoga event!

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My background in trauma-informed yoga influences all of my work, and I make my public and corporate classes trauma-informed. Proceeds from private corporate events I teach benefit my trauma-informed yoga work which is done almost exclusively on an unpaid/volunteer basis.