Feedback on Community Classes / Trauma Informed Yoga

“Taking your class helps to relieve the stress that I have from working as a 911 call taker for the city of Chicago. You have a good spirit and you  make anyone that comes to your  class feel welcome. I also like the low impact of the poses. A first timer can come and would be able to keep up.” – Tyra, 911 call taker

“My very first Yoga class 2 yrs. ago was with Kate at LA Fitness. I felt very comfortable, relaxed & welcome, she provided a superior environment for this. I was so nervous about doing something wrong or not fitting in or obviously looking like a complete newbie. Kate is thoughtful, patient, kind, very encouraging and approachable. I have always been encouraged by her calm assurance & find her teaching methods very motivating. Kate is very easy to follow and I feel so refreshed when I leave with the spirit of Yoga.

At the library Kate is a great instructor, she gives us a feel for yoga and challenges us with different poses. I thing yoga has benefited me in many ways. I work out a lot, I’m a Marathon runner, cycle, weight train and the yoga has made my body more flexible my body feels different in a good way.

The people in Kate’s yoga class are very friendly and nice to be around. Yoga is something I look forward to in my life. I would highly recommend Kate’s class to first timers getting into Yoga.” – Mel, Residency Coordinator at Northwestern University

“I took my first yoga class with Kate, just by chance.  Over a year ago, I went to a library to get a museum pass.  I saw a flier re: Yoga, and took it home.  I called about the class and went the very next Saturday to “check it out”.  I love it, she is a fantastic yoga instructor, I have gone nearly every Saturday since my first one.
I especially notice that when she is instructing moves, there will be simple things she says, for example “be sure to stand straight”, and if you are not standing straight you feel like it’s gentle reminder to do so.  She has a soft calming voice.  I recently broke my arm and even participated then (did what I was capable of).” – Jean, practicing yoga for 1 year