Feedback on Corporate Yoga: Yoga Tools for Stress Relief

  • “Good examples of breathing exercises, especially when counting.  For me it’s hard to allow my mind to wander and concentrate on counting. I’ll use these exercises to assist in releasing stress and will share them too.”  Mary, Eligibility / QH Specialist


  • “Great exercises! Especially because a lot of space is not required. You can do them at work or at home. Also if you have limited mobility and for all shapes and sizes.”
  • “A realistic approach to yoga and meditation in daily life. I am excited to incorporate some of the new tips as I deal with work stress.” Carmen Reed, Program Manager
  • “Love that you used the language of “options”, because it completely eliminates stress from the situation, and doing something new, even yoga, can create stress initially.”


  •  “Really helpful, mild exercises that can truly make a difference in how your body feels. The breathing exercises were helpful, helped clear my mind in a short time. Love it!” Cheryl, Career Coach
  • “Fantastic – I feel less stressed!” Romelia, Adult Ed Career Coach
  • “Great to learn stretches that can be done at your desk, on your chair for the shoulders and hips. I loved the workshop. The breathing exercises worked! I felt relaxed afterwards. I’ll be using these techniques today!” Stephanie, Career Coach
  • “I was so relaxed during this short class. I realize now that I need to incorporate this in my life.” Patricia, Workforce Service Coordinator
  • “As career coaches we not only have our own stressors, but also our clients’ stress. Thanks for coming out to help us manager our stress.” Gabrielle, Career Coach