Feedback on Trauma-Informed Yoga: Practice & Talk

“…great for thinking about how the language we use in yoga can empower others. The sequence was well tailored to an introduction and gentle yoga class that was centering and grounding.” – Kelsye, yoga teacher, graduate student

“Phenomenal…trauma has touched every corner of our globe; this workshop allows yoga teachers to expand their practice and heal with the clients’ permission.” Necole, yoga teacher, social worker

“… the perfect mix of information and movement.  You actually experience what it’s like to take yoga in a trauma informed setting and then there was time to process it and ask questions.  I walked away with cues and postures I could immediately incorporate to my yoga class as well as lots of ideas about resources that would help me better understand trauma informed yoga and the issues that some of our students are struggling with on their mats.” Lindsay, yoga teacher, educator

“a great introduction to the opportunities to provide trauma-informed yoga” Jordan, yoga teacher, graduate student in social work.

“I really appreciate how honest your are about the challenges [of setting up trauma-informed community yoga classes], but also make it feel accessible to explore.” Mary, yoga teacher trainee

“Kate has a wonderful mind-body connection that helped me connect better and really sink into the yoga class. Her explanation of how to work with trauma through yoga was spot on!” Eve, yoga teacher, professional ice skater, dance movement therapist.

“A very interesting and interactive session on how to be a more informed and inclusive yoga teacher” Sarah, yoga teacher trainee

“I already feel more comfortable working with trauma informed yoga” Zsazsa, yoga teacher trainee

“…helped me to realize how accessible trauma informed yoga can be, and how beneficial as well” Denisse, yoga teacher